It had been a week of suffering from anxiety and panic attacks without telling anyone. I was trying to deal with it on my own. After a week, I couldn't handle it anymore and I was so scared!! Deborah agreed to meet with me when she usually does not have office hours, which I was so grateful for because I needed help and she was there for me. When I met with Deborah she could tell I was scared. She listened to me and assured me I was going to be ok. The first few weeks were rough for me because I had never been on any medication before. Deborah was always there for me though anytime I had a question or concern(no matter how small). She alwaysed return calls or emails very timely which was so very helpful. She said something that has always stuck with me, "You are going to get your life back." Which was something that I didn't believe when I sat in her office that first week. But, now after 5 short months I do have my life back! Through medication, therapy and relaxation techniques I have learned how to control my anxiety and have become a much more patient Mommy as well 🙂 I cannot thank Deborah enough for all of her support, guidance and knowledge. Deborah is truly amazing!!!


I was introduced to Deborah some years ago to take over monitoring my medications. The care Deborah gave me was the best I had received in years. Deborah spent the time with me that I needed and she always responded very quickly when I contacted her by phone or email. It was a challenge to get me stable on medications, but Deborah managed to do it. Medication is not everything though; Deborah also asked me about things in my life that were important to me. She really listened and I always felt comfortable with her. She was very compassionate and knew how to help me deal with my life struggles. Her office gives the atmosphere of peace and serenity with aromas to stimulate the senses. When I started seeing Deborah I did not have that peace and serenity, however, in the time we worked together, Deborah gave me a fighting chance for it. Thank you, Deborah, for the peace and serenity that are part of my life now. Also, Deborah’s office manager, Norie, is super nice and I always felt like she cared about me too. She helped me more than she probably knows. 


Deborah has literally given me my life back. After over 40 years of suffering from panic attacks ....depression sleep paralysis and a host of therapists ...doctors..and neurologists ignoring me....I found Deb I haven't felt this well most of my life. She is caring and really listens to what is going on. I can't thank Debra enough.  I plan to continue to work with her indefinitely. If you have been given the run around like I have please give Deb a call...you won't be sorry.


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