medication management

Our Advanced Practice Nursing Staff are board certified health practitioners licensed to prescribe medications if indicated and agreed upon. Pharmaceuticals reduce symptoms and improve your overall sense of physical and emotional well-being. The purpose of medication management is to prescribe medications to effectively treat psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, sleep or focusing issues and ensure your medications and dosages work effectively to help you manage that condition. Our prescribers are highly trained and familiar with the different medication options available, and typically will use the lowest doses of medication possible to restore balanced functioning. Follow up medication management appointments typically lasts 15 minutes.


Mental Health Medications

Are you tired of the trial and error process of discovering if a medication will work for you?  We all respond to medications differently. This is why a particular medication may not work for you but does work for someone else. Your DNA can show how your body may respond to medications. This technology analyzes your DNA and helps your provider understand how you metabolize certain medications and identify which medication you are more likely to respond to base on your genetic makeup. This information can help avoid medications that cause unwanted side effects and help treatment-resistant patients. Collecting a DNA sample is easy using a simple mouth swab.

We are utilizing the Genecept Assay (a swab test) which identifies genetic biomarkers that have an impact on psychiatric symptoms, medication choices & overall mental well-being.  For more information on psychiatric genetic testing or visit Geno Mind